What system did Alexis de Tocqueville say created the greatest equality of conditions? The answer to that question is Free Enterprise, or Capitalism for short. Capitalism is a system where people have private ownership and control over their own property. It means a set of simple, easy to understand laws which punish people who harm others by theft, deceit, murder, or other ills. In such a system, the government can only interfere in the economy to punish criminals by fair common statutory laws set up on the basis of equal opportunity. What’s the opposite of free enterprise? Socialist Europe is; they have a great deal of control over property, have TONS of difficult to comprehend laws, and are slipping economically like a Brezhnev era Apparatchik giving the party line. The laws in a Free Enterprise system however, are the same for everyone, not one set for manufacturing and another set for retail; not one rate of taxes for the rich, while another rate for the poor. Free Enterprise is fair; everyone in such a situation has the same interest in freedom as anyone else because the system is equal. If people are living in this principle of freedom and understand it, they will easily keep society in economic freedom, just like Americans used to do for so long.