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I must confess, I rarely watch Fox News, but since people on the left constantly dismiss my facts about anything from economics, constitutional law, regulations and so forth, by claiming that I got it from Fox, it gets really old really fast. Why do they assume that I consume Fox News? Because in the absence of the knowledge that there is any political belief other than Liberal or Conservative, I usually get classified as a Conservative, and (this next part is sarcastic) we all know that if your a Conservative, then you watch Fox News. Of course, as you guessed, I don’t consider myself a Conservative, instead, I consider myself a Classical Liberal which is very different. In fact, Conservatives also often call into question my facts, and I have huge bones to pick with Conservatives as well, not as much as with Liberals, but still plenty.

Anyway, enjoy this video on the topic, he makes some great points. It was made by a Conservative commentator on YouTube (yes, I listen to other perspectives). Disclaimer: it wasn’t made by me or anyone I personally know.