Sayings of Mine

Some people no matter what you do, the same suit will follow through.

A law, in its most general signification, is something that is set in stone.

Free agency is the key to praxeology.

If you are to be the master of your fate, the captain of your soul, then you must slave to be your own master.

How are you going to be free to choose unless you choose to be free?

Actions change personalities, not all at once, but over time.

You can’t really help people; you can only help someone to help themself.

Wisdom is greater than intelligence.

If only we studied the Constitution.

Man’s law ought to stop force being exercised upon someone, but ironically, this is the very principle by which government laws function.

In life we choose not between darkness and light, but either truth or the appeasement of ease.

Freedom without responsibility is folly.

Actively seeking good in God is gold.

We shouldn’t worship the church; we should worship in the church.

The only words more misused than swear words are normal words.

Freedom is the proper exercise of choice, the instrument of everything good.
If only we studied the Constitution.
How are you going to be free to choose unless you choose to be free?


Economics: The Sacred Stewardship


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Most of the time a supposed, “expert”, in the field of economics writes or talks about his subject, he usually layers on his little speech, big, obscure economic terms in order to create something so verbose and overdrawn that they’re audience presently falls asleep, and because they can’t admit they didn’t understand what was said, they presently herald him a genius. This was exactly the case with John Maynard Keynes. The only thing funnier than this commonplace scenario, is that even the lay audience generally comprehends more of this person’s words than he does himself.

However, it is not in my interest to impose this sort of botched language upon you, for botched language comes from botched thinking, and the very greatest of histories economists like Bastiat, Mises, or Rothbard have used simple, easy to understand speech, not only in their works for the masses, but in their most scholarly works for other experts. So let’s speak candidly about some fundamentals.

Have you ever considered the connection between money and sacred freedom? The ability to chose what path we take in life and what we do to get there is a personal thing; it comes from the notion of stewardships which means that we have certain things given to us by both God and man. These things are that which we own, that which belong to us, which includes our bodies, our families, our friends,  talents, and even our adversities. But the stewardships most often talked about and infringed on are financial, now before you get carried away with how money doesn’t matter, consider first the cancer patient who needs money to survive, consider those in third world countries who starve, consider parents who want to send dearly loved children off to school; consider those things and then tell me that money doesn’t matter.

The fact is, money is a medium of exchange, you have to do something to get it, and the only fair way to get it is by exchanging something someone else wants for money. For example, a business hires you for a job, you exchange time for money. Another example, Parker Brothers creates a monopoly game for you and your family to enjoy; and a third example would be a farm producing food for people to enjoy.

On a personal scale, having the freedom to chose what you do with your financial stewardship increases employee happiness and productivity because we seek the best, highest paying jobs. Having freedom to chose on a business scale let’s companies compete for the best employee’s by offering higher wages, better working conditions, and increased wages; business also fights to offer the best yet lowest priced goods or services. As long as freedom to chose is the top priority in the economy, good results will be produced. Will there need to be justice? Of course, an independent court system can handle that if we make some necessary tweaks, because in the courts of justice, the course of freedom is cleared.